dimesLTS - Lifespan Test Systems
Tasks and Problems:

Low voltage test laboratories have to deal with various aspects of mechanical and electrical lifespan test systems, for example:

  • Parameter setting and management via PC
  • Realization of flexible test sequences
  • Test system operation from the office by remote control
  • Management of test results and electronic test reports
  • High time resolution of the system
  • Reduction of wiring costs and space
  • Test objects with different contact configurations
  • Test objects with variable supply voltages

There is a need for a software system, that integrates the listed tasks and fulfils the requirements of a low voltage test laboratory.

Solution strategy:

Based on our experience with several generations of lifespan test systems we have developed

dimesLTS - Lifespan Test Systems
This system provides modules for electrical and mechanical lifespan test systems

dimesTDM is part of dimesLTS to manage all project related data.

Features of the modular solutin strategy are:

  • Software management and handling of the test data and the test system
  • Remote control via Ethernet
  • Client/server architecture for multi-user functionality
  • High time resolution of the system by using local PLCs
  • Modular and compact automation units with field bus communication
  • Flexible configuration test sequences, new test sequences without programming
  • Status information by remote control and HTML-files (standard browser)
  • Measuring of switching delay times
  • Digital contact check with various test voltages
  • Check of contact resistance (Ohm) by the use of analogue data acquisition.

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