dimesTDM - Test Data Management
Tasks and Problems

In a low voltage test laboratory many different test data are to be handled, for example :

Order data:

Test object


Project number

Definition of test parameters

Cost centre

Test data:


Raw data


Diagrams, x-y-graphs

Pictures, photos


Internal test reports

External test reports (e.g. LOVAG test reports)

Multi-lingual reports

List of results

Graphs, diagrams, photos/


Central data storage

Document management by using key information


List of equipment

Calibration data

Calibration date

List of users and passwords

Definition of access rights

Controlling and statistics:

Status visualization

Status reports

Summaries of laboratory activities

There is a need for a software system, that integrates the listed data and fulfils the requirements of a low voltage test laboratory.

Solution strategy

Based on our experience with several generations of software systems we have developed

dimesTDM - Test Data Management

This system provides a modular structure. Major elements are:

  • Client/server database for multi-user functionality
  • Modular software architecture
    • Modules and tools for project data (order data, test raw data, result data and test reports)
    • Modules and tools for calibration data of test equipment
    • Modules and tools for user management and statistics
    • Status visualization, project overview
    • Data import, export and transfer between modules
  • Test system operation by remote control
  • Search and research tools for clients (document management)
  • Status reports in HTML format for standard HTML browser, no software required
  • Net architecture and module communication via TCP/IP
  • Sleep modi to minimize CPU and net loads

The provision of optimized customer-specific solutions is only possible by means of the modular structure and its flexibility.

We look forward to giving you further information or making you an offer !

Test Report Management is a module of dimesTDM Test Data Management. It manages test reports in PDF, MS-Word and MS-Excel.

dimesTRM is a stand-alone product for LOVAG Test Report Forms in PDF.